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Windows and Doors

As a window and door installer, my job is to measure and fit doors and windows in homes, buildings and other types of structures. This involves working with different materials, such as wood, metal and glass, and making sure the doors and windows are properly leveled and sealed to ensure the security and energy efficiency of the building. I can also provide recommendations to clients on the most appropriate door and window options for their needs and budget.

Paint Interior & Exterior

As an interior and exterior painter, my job is to apply paint and other coatings to the interior and exterior surfaces of buildings and structures. This involves preparing surfaces, including sanding, scraping and cleaning, to ensure that the paint adheres properly. I must also select the proper paint materials and application methods to achieve the desired finish. In addition to the physical application of the paint, I can also provide advice to clients on the appropriate colors and finishes for their home or building project, taking into account factors such as architecture, lighting and existing decor.


As a professional textured finisher, my job is to apply special techniques and materials to add texture to walls, ceilings and other building surfaces. This can include the application of stucco, wall texturing, plaster, drywall, wallpaper and specialty paints. In addition to the physical application of materials, I can also advise clients on the types of textures that best suit their needs, taking into account factors such as desired appearance, budget and durability.

Framing – Drywall, Trim

As a drywall and trim installer, my job is to measure, cut and attach drywall and trim to the walls and ceilings of buildings. This can include installing drywall to create interior walls, ceilings and partitions, as well as adding decorative moldings to enhance the appearance of rooms. Drywall and molding installation is essential to improving the appearance and functionality of building walls and ceilings, and I can provide a valuable service to those looking to improve their homes or build new structures.

Flooring & Tile

As a flooring and tile installer, my job consists of measuring, cutting and laying different types of floor coverings on home and building surfaces. This may include installing hardwood, laminate, vinyl, ceramic tile and natural stone flooring. In addition to the physical installation of the materials, I must also prepare the surfaces prior to installation to ensure that the floor is level and ready to receive the new flooring with the necessary techniques to cut and lay the materials safely and effectively, and must ensure that the floors and tiles are tight and level.


As a carpet installer, my job is to measure, cut and lay carpet on surfaces in homes and buildings, such as rooms and stairways. You may also be responsible for installing and securing carpet cushions under the carpet material to provide a softer surface. In addition to the physical installation of carpets, I prepare surfaces prior to installation to ensure the floor is level and ready to receive the carpet.

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